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What Makes Us Different: HSC is the Owners Advocate

HSC Technical Services was designed by Ontario’s social housing sector, for our sector. As such, we ensure that the housing providers’ best interests are put first. Unlike for-profit consultants, we see no benefit from scope creep and advise our clients objectively of all options on how to proceed.

EOA Services

Successfully navigating the complexities of expiring of operating agreements (EOA) means understanding the impacts EOA will have on your portfolio and devising a strategic asset management plan that addresses your individual needs.

Optimize Your Building for the Heating Season

Last winter’s record-setting temperatures took many of us by surprise. While we’re still early in the heating season, it’s a good time to take steps to prepare your building for the coming cold.

Good preparation can help reduce your energy costs and ensure the safety and comfort of your residents. Get started with these tips:

Heating Equipment